Justice for All Chapter 22
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Chapter 22

I’m finally out of the closet—the janitor’s closet.  With some prodding from Dr. Tyrell, Sister Mary Francis lets me move back in with Melanie “for emotional support.”  I still sleep on the cot only now it’s beside the bottom bunk.  That’s also to provide emotional support and so I’m close by when Melanie wakes up from a nightmare and needs someone to quiet her screaming.

We both get to see Dr. Tyrell now.  My session is after hers.  Dr. Tyrell keeps pressing me, but I’m not traumatized by what happened with those convicts.  I wouldn’t be losing any sleep over it at all if not for Melanie.  Not that I’m holding that against her; she has the right to be freaked out by almost being raped and murdered by those je...

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