Justice for All Chapter 15
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Chapter 15

The alarm goes off way too early the next morning.  Back home I didn’t have to get up until at least seven and then Jessica usually had to roll me off the bed.  Since I went to the hospital I hadn’t even gotten up that early.

Melanie shakes my shoulder to try to wake me up.  I growl at her.  “Rose, come on.  You don’t want to get stuck in the kitchen, do you?”

“Don’t care.”

“You will, trust me.  Now come on.”  She grabs my wrist to drag me off of the bed.  I flail around for something to grab onto, but my fingers slip off the bed frame to send me tumbling to the floor.  It’s good I’m on the bottom bunk so I don’t have far to fall.

“You bitch!” I sho...

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