Justice for All Chapter 12
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Chapter 12

I wake up shivering with cold.  I’m in a dark room that I figure must be a hospital room from all the machines beeping and wheezing around me.  I try to get up, but my right leg won’t move.

I flail around with my hands until I find a light switch.  A light comes on above the headboard to confirm I am in a hospital room.  The reason I’m cold and can’t get up is that my right leg is propped up in traction.  There’s a thin blanket over the rest of me; I brush this aside to see I’m wearing a flimsy floral print hospital gown.  Beneath the gown are a bunch of bandages around my ribs.

I try to mutter a curse to myself, but my mouth won’t move.  I feel around with my tongue and right hand and discover my...

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