Justice for All Chapter 10
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Chapter 10

I’ve been sneaking into and out of the house since I was twelve.  Even when I was a goody-goody honor student I liked to sneak out every once in a while for the thrill of it.  Most of the time I’d only go down to the convenience store for a candy bar and soda and then sneak back in before Daddy, Jessica, or my designated babysitter could find out.

I still listen closely at the door, but the house is quiet.  I slink down the hallway, to my bedroom.  I barely have the energy to kick off my boots and then drop onto the mattress.  It has been a long night.  A productive night, but much too long.

The alarm goes off what seems like five minutes later.  I throw back the blankets and then remember I’m still wearing my vigilante outfit....

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