Justice for All Chapter 7
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Chapter 7

I toss my cigarette away as the car pulls up.  Jessica doesn’t bother to get out; she just lowers the passenger’s side window.  “Come on.  Get in.”

I open the passenger’s side door; I haven’t even got my seatbelt on before Jessica guns the accelerator.  She must be really pissed off.  She’s wearing the white shirt and khakis she wears for her job at Starbucks, which I’m sure is part of the reason she’s so mad.

She waits until she stops at a light to look over at me.  “Five days.  What were you thinking?”

“That bitch had it coming,” I grumble.  “She’s been riding my ass all semester.”

“That doesn’t mean you can call her a bimbo with implants and s...

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