Justice for All Chapter 5
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Chapter 5

When I want to be alone, I go into Daddy’s study.  Jessica is still too scared to come in here, so I can have more privacy than even my own bedroom.  That makes it a good place for when I want to do homework or be alone with my thoughts.

I’m doing the former right now.  Despite the Goth makeover, I still put some effort into my homework.  I’m not going to be valedictorian like Stacey Chang, but I at least want to graduate on time.  The sooner I graduate, the sooner I can be out of here.  Then I can leave this whole crappy city behind.  If I can get the money, maybe I can go to college in LA or San Francisco or Seattle.  Honolulu would be good too.  Oxford would be even better, but there’s no way I can afford that.


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