Justice for All Chapter 4
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Chapter 4

Jessica gives me permission to take a few days off from school.  Any other time I wouldn’t hesitate, but now the last thing I want is to hang around the house by myself.  I’d rather go back to school to have something else to occupy my brain.

When I walk through the front doors, I can already sense people looking at me.  I assume it’s because of what happened to Daddy, though everyone is about as sensitive as Dylan in terms of trying to comfort me.  I get to my locker to find Stacey Chang at the locker next to mine.  Stacey is the class president, class suck-up, and probably will be the class valedictorian in a few years. 

As I dial my locker combination, she gives me one of her fake smiles.  “Hi, Robin.  I’m so sorry about what ha...

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