An Inconvenient Baby (2)
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could have talked about it. You could have told me you wanted to have sex with Lisa since I can't for another couple of weeks yet. We could have worked this out honestly, you both choose to lie to me instead."
   The excuses poured out of both of them, the justification of their actions, putting off any true responsibility for their choices. And in the end, apologies from both of them, that went on endlessly as they tried to soothe not only me but their own consciences. During it all, I thought to myself, what is a marriage worth? I could walk away, I could leave them both to each other. I could take my son and begin again, without either of them. What was a marriage worth?
   In the end, I forgave them both, not for their sakes, but mine. I did not want to be my par...

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