The Left Side of the Menu (2)
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"I can't fix what's wrong, but I can help you forget for a little while." And, at that moment, that was good enough for me.
   He lit some incense, put on some Pink Floyd, rolled a joint and we proceeded to get as high as kites. We laid side by side on his bed, listening to the music, neither of us really talking, and I let everything just wash and roll over me. Laying there in the dark, listening to Blue Skies, I let it all go. The anger, the sadness, the loss, I let all of it go, this wasn't the end as much as it may have felt that way. My life was not over, only changed. And there we stayed, quietly in our own thoughts, until Chris's mother called us to dinner.
   Dinner was a boisterous affair, as it often was in that household. I did my b...

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