I Was a Teenage Ghost Hunter - Chapter Thirty (2)
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Celtic sprite.  So I spilled a cup of 7-Up on her.”

“From the staircase.”

“I had a few too many g-and-t’s,” Clive admitted.  They walked out into the cold, clammy sun of a late October Arcata afternoon.  A cluster of student government types were plastering Halloween dance posters on a beige wall.  “All the cross-gender action was freaking me out.”

“It does sound a little bizarre,” agreed Devin.  “So it worked out for the best.  Any other creepy manifestations?”

“This odd one here was asking multiple times where you’d gone off to.”  Clive nudged his right hand from inside his overcoat at the corner of the administration building.  Emily had just negotiated the turn and scuttled up with...

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Table of Contents

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