I Was a Teenage Ghost Hunter - Chapter Twenty-six (1)
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As creepy as the mansion interior was when lit by slowly flashing mega-lanterns or seen through night-vision goggles, it was far spookier with only the meek flicker thrown by Devin’s small candle.  The bedchamber’s walls glowed faintly orange, dancing around him as the candlelight swayed.  As he tiptoed closer to the hallway, the flame calmed, growing more still.  The air was quieter here, as was the ambient noise.  His footfalls were louder than ever without the usual accompanying scuffling and squabbling of Rex and Clive.

            When he entered the grand hall its great height swamped the candle’s strength, leaving a huge canopy of blackness above.  The small range of his flame was no match for the hall’s immensity.


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