I Was a Teenage Ghost Hunter - Chapter Twenty-five (1)
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            Devin was pacing in Rex’s bedroom between his collection of game discs and an oversize Battleplanet Zombie calendar while Rex typed furiously away on his laptop.  After the previous night’s rooftop adventure, Devin hadn’t slept at all, partly to avoid reliving the latest confrontation with Rousten in a heightened, even more frightening dream format.  Instead, he’d lain in bed cycling through theories of why Rousten was so averse to him, so convinced he was some traitor or charlatan. 

Ghosts didn’t often have much love lost for the living, at least according to the stories Nayra related, but this case went way beyond lack of affection into a vendetta against Devin.  But what had he done to deserve it except some innocuous poking arou...

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