I Was a Teenage Ghost Hunter - Chapter Eighteen
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Chapter Eighteen


The pair rendezvoused with Rex, who'd brought a case of gadgets along with his latest research findings. These included details about fashion trends in Arcata during the early 1900s (bowler hats, petticoats and durable longjohns) along with gossip tidbits about Rousten's extramarital affairs, but little else. They left the lean-to in the persistent drizzle and proceeded on the now-familiar route across the grounds to the broken-window entry. 

Devin was convinced that Rousten's emanations were somehow most closely associated with the library. That's where the irate head had made its most vocal appearance and Devin insisted on setting up their vigil headquarters there. They negotiated the stairs without any provoking incidents, the megalight cooperating with a study, unblinki...

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