I Was a Teenage Ghost Hunter - Chapter Fourteen
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Chapter Fourteen


Rex Hisakawa muttered something, an impatient staccato that came from somewhere in the darkness in abrupt bits.  The little word bits came in and out of focus, along with his impatient steps.  Then they alternated with a few blasts of light, all of it entering Devin’s perception from some void.  The sequence repeated, with variations.  Flashes, steps and mutters. 

Devin felt vaguely that he should try to piece together what was happening, where all the bits were coming from, but his slack willpower was stuck in limbo and too weak to pull him from the dark inertia.

One harsh, violent light burst and a shout of “Holy shit!” finally brought a response from his eyelids.  They shot open, then instantly tried to get as shut as possible,...

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