Chapter 13—Lupus sapiens (2)
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piss off the humans.

“The Third Law states Lupa Reginam, the Queen, can only serve a period of ten blue moons, and must then name a Postpartor or successor.”

Aaron asked, “What’s a blue moon?”

“About every two and half years or so, a season has four full moons instead of three. The third one is called a blue moon.”

“So about . . . twenty-five years. Okay, go on.”

“The Fourth Law, what some consider the most important, states Lupus Rex, the King, is to be chosen by the incoming Lupa Reginam. Instead of Lupus Rex choosing a new wife, he is removed from power along with the Lupa Reginam in favor of a younger, fresher generation.”

“Wow!” A...

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