Chapter 12—Sequentia: Suscitatio
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Chapter 12—Sequentia: Suscitatio

noun [sē-kwən’-shə:()sə-se-tā’-tē-ō]

1. Continuation: Awakening.

Aaron Darveau, April 24, 1983

Aaron listened to her story in dreadful fascination. He always believed he’d been in danger that night, and her story confirmed it. He didn’t like the idea of not being at the top of the food chain anymore. Actually, I think I graduated to that position last night.

“See, there are two castes,” Karen remarked. “One caste is able to maintain control of their emotions and make conscious choices while changed. We call it the ability to Frenis. Those who can frenis, we call Frenatus. The other caste...

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