Part II - Renovatio | Chapter 10—Suscitatio (2)
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probably are too,” she held, giggling at him.

He didn’t find it amusing. He put his hand on his chest, and his breathing started coming in shorter and faster bursts.

“Aaron, it’s okay,” she assured him. “You’re safe, but you need to calm down. If your blood pressure gets too high, you might change again, or you might pass out.”

Aaron pulled Chi from his surroundings and used it to anchor himself to the ground, to that moment. This centered him, and his breathing slowed. His apprehension shriveled down to a cold pit in his stomach.

Karen smiled. “That’s better!” she exclaimed. “Your control is amazing! I knew I made the right choice. I knew you were the right choice. Everyone said I was being foolish. They said to think o...

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