Part II - Renovatio | Chapter 10—Suscitatio (1)
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Part II - Renovatio

noun [re-nə-vä’-tē-ō]

1. Rebirth.

Chapter 10—Suscitatio

noun [sə-se-tā’-tē-ō]

1. Awakening.

Aaron Darveau, April 24, 1983

The woman next to Aaron stirred in her sleep. They were spooned together with his normal morning glory pressing against her in a satisfyingly erotic way. She stirred again, but this time was more deliberate with her motion, rubbing her hips against him. He forced himself awake and discovered they were in the middle of a field. It must have rained because the ground was damp. It wasn’t uncomfortable though. Quite the contrary—it was if he was reborn! He was full of energy, and his...

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