Chapter 9—Coquo et Comedo (4)
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voice was familiar—Jajine?—but he was too busy to spend time thinking about it. Aaron found his teeth around one of the hellhound’s ears. He bit down as hard as he could and pulled. The hellhound let out a shriek and backed off half a step before lunging back into him, grabbing Aaron’s right shoulder with its jaw. The pain shot through Aaron’s arm like the time he burned his hand. It paralyzed him. The hellhound stood still with Aaron’s shoulder between its teeth, growling, tempting Aaron to worsen the damage by trying to shake free.

Aaron’s confidence swiftly eroded. The pain was too much for him to endure. Better to let go. But if he gave up, he would lose possession of his soul—he was already slipping back into the madness. The only way to attack was...

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