Chapter 7—Imaginatio (2)
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his toes relaxed him and helped to keep him centered, and he let out a sad sigh at the loss of its touch when he stepped onto the patio. He threw his towel on the table and sank into a chair next to Craig. “Good morning.”

“Morning,” Craig said as he lifted his coffee cup to his lips. “So, that’s a martial art? Sorry, but I don’t see it.”

“It is. Some think Kung Fu is based on Tai Chi. Some think Tai Chi is based on Kung Fu. And a stubborn faction believes they aren’t related at all. I don’t agree with that one; there’re too similar. I think Tai Chi’s better for meditation though. Kung Fu is a hard style—hits and kicks and lots of jumping and screaming. Tai Chi is considered a soft style—redirections, mostly.”<...

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