Chapter 6—Prensio (2)
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tender, her leading and then following. He couldn’t get enough of her, and she willingly took everything he had to give. When he thought he was too exhausted to get aroused again, she proved him wrong. At one point, when they were perfectly synchronized, she gouged scratches in his back. They weren’t too bad, though; when he checked the next day, they’d already healed up.


During the next couple of weeks, virtually every minute Aaron had available away from the base found him with Karen. They took day trips on the weekends and visited all the local amusement resorts, got sunburned on beaches up and down both coasts, flew across Alligator Alley at breakneck speeds, and drove to the ends of the Florida Keys where they both swore they could see Cuba. A whirlwind of passion fueled their n...

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