Chapter 3—Bill and Glen Benson (4)
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on the ground in a last ditch effort to keep the monster at bay. It worked, though not as he had probably intended. As the werewolf ran itself onto Glen’s improvised spear, the monster’s momentum levered it up into the air, dragging Bill along with it. Bill unexpectedly found himself standing up on both feet with both hands on his spear.


While the werewolf was in the air, Bill used his own strength to drive his spear through the werewolf’s body and bury its point in a tree, leaving the werewolf pinned.

Glen ran over, grasped the spear shaft, and yelled, “Get the fuckin’ shotgun!”

While Bill ran back to the truck to get the shotgun, the werewolf seemed to recognize its predicament and started struggling, trying to free itself from the shaft embe...

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