Chapter 3—Bill and Glen Benson (3)
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spears still back there?” The tailgate was down when the boys bugged out, and Bill was afraid the spears might have slid out.


Glen boosted himself up in his seat and scanned the truck bed. “Yeah. Why?” Then he saw what Bill saw—three dogs were chasing them. “Never mind. I see them.”

Bill marveled aloud, “Those are the biggest fuckin’ dogs I ever seen. And we ain’t gonna outrun them.”

With the truck bouncing around, it was hard for Glen to see exactly what they were. “They look like some kind of weird-assed mutant Doberman. I see three of them. And them bastards are fast, too. You’re right; we ain’t gonna outrun ‘em. Find a flat spot somewhere.”

“Fuckin’ A!” Bill knew Glen want...

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