Chapter 3—Bill and Glen Benson (2)
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it on something nice?”


Bill got a pained look on his face and squealed, “Man, don’t talk about Bertha like that. She’ll hear you. She was our first, rescued from the salvage yard.” He glanced over at his and Glen’s Dodge pick-up truck. It was a little rusty, but that was character as far as he was concerned.

Glen closed the trunk on the woman’s car, and La’Man handed a paper bag to Bill. Bill took it and threw it to Glen. La’Man asked, “You ain’t gonna count it?”

Bill laughed at him. “Dude, we ain’t counted it since the first time you paid us too much.”

“Mutha fucka, I ain’t never overpaid for shit in my life,” La’Man protested.

Glen asked, “Would it make you feel...

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