Chapter 3—Bill and Glen Benson (1)
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Chapter 3—Bill and Glen Benson

Spring 1977

Howard “Howie” Benson was a north Georgia redneck with strong ties to what he called “his hillbilly cousins up a ways in Tennessee.” He was an early and ardent supporter of the Libertarian Movement, and back in the 1960s, that movement found its way into America’s living rooms through televised protest marches against war and as the free love movement.

Howie had two girlfriends, Carol, a portly, green-eyed redhead, and Betty, a skinny, brown-eyed, auburn haired beauty. They didn’t see this movement as free love. All three simply loved one another, and that was all there was to it.

Howie and his two girlfriends had fourteen kids over a ten-year period bef...

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