Part I—Paedagogus | Chapter 1—John Billings
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Part I—Paedagogus

noun [pe-dÉ™-gäg’-É™s]

1. Tutor. 2. Guide.

Chapter 1—John Billings

Fall 1923-1928

John Billings ran down the narrow trail next to Sanderson Lake. David and Donnie Knorr and Hale Hopstein were right behind him, shouting for him to stop. It was late autumn, so most of the leaves had fallen off of the trees; there would be no hiding from his tormentors today. He jumped and skipped over rocks and dodged around trees and bushes, doing everything in his power to keep from falling. If he fell, they would catch up with him, and he would end up with another black eye or a ripped shirt. The black eye, he could handle. The ripped shirt would m...

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