Antelogium (5)
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Jajine chucked. “Yes, voodoo. But don’t let dat scare you none. It isn’t all black magic and zombies. Like any tool, or weapon, it’s only as evil as those who wield it. I like my soul too much to use it for evil.”

Aaron wasn’t too convinced, but the necklace soaked up his attention.

“Well, I had one of my spells dis morning,” she revealed. “It was about Rex, but not the parade. Rex means King. Did you know dat? Well, this was King Evil. Only . . . only it wasn’t an evil like you would think about evil. It’s more like . . . anti-good. When you told me you were marching in the Rex Parade, I knew it was about you, just as surely as I know the sun is hot.”

Looking up from his examination of the tooth, Aaron asked, &l...

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