Chapter 42—Epilogus (2)
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At the first graduation ceremony, Master Chen awarded badges of completion—a stainless steel wolf fang on a leather thong, silver being poisonous as Lupus sapiens jewelry. Aaron’s hippy necklace was the symbol of their success.

Aaron, as Lupus Rex, gave a short speech.

“Before I embraced being lupis, I used to think we were all two people: Who we think we are, and who we truly are. But now I know I was wrong.

Each of us is three different people: Who we think we are. Who we truly are. And who other people think we are. It is our purpose in life to find the center between those three people. I hope at that center you’ll find you are a warrior-scholar.

“The Warrior-Scholar relies on and strives to excel in a wide variety o...

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