Part V—Lupus Rex | Chapter 41—Inperium (1)
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Part V—Lupus Rex

noun [lü’-pəs()reks]

1. Wolf King.

Chapter 41Inperium

noun [in-pir’-ē-əm]

1. Authority. 2. Commandment.

Aaron Darveau, August 24, 1983

Aaron was up early and in his office, trying to get a handle on what to do his first day on the job as Lupus Rex. The first thing he did was put Kyle’s cherrywood box on the desk to remind him what it took to get there.

Besides ensuring lunch was served in a few hours for the Conclave, he had a few positions to fill. Six Dux Lupis were dead. Their lupas would pick another one when they returned to their clans, or pick a Postpa...

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