Chapter 40—Scansio (4)
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“Well, let me go get Lisa.” He stood up, and Elwood jumped to his feet too, ready to follow Aaron. “Elwood, go find Jajine. Stay with her tonight.”

Elwood gave Aaron a dirty look, whined, and then turned and trotted out the doorway.

Bill watched Elwood. “How the hell do you do that, man?”

“Do what?”

“Like what just happened, dude,” he explained. “You give him this complex fuckin’ order, and he just does it.”

“Oh, that,” Aaron murmured, arching his eyebrows. “Ever since the junkyard, he just knows what I want. I thought he was just smart, but Jajine says he’s my familiar.”

“Like a witch’s familiar? Black cats and shit?”

“Yeah. Supposedly, there are other thin...

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