Chapter 40—Scansio (2)
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Bill piped in. “If they can’t talk to Craig, they’re gonna get suspicious. They know you’re outlaw. They know Karen is dead. You’ve taken Jajine off their radar, but they’ll still wanna know who the new queen is going to be. You’re right. They’re gonna try to sneak in to find out what’s happening. We can’t keep the fuckers out for long.”

“I know,” Aaron grunted. “But I don’t need ‘long.’ I just need two months. That’s why I want this place crawling with lupis loyal to us. Any lupis who isn’t, I want them killed on sight. I know it’s a Pact violation, but we’re dead if we’re caught anyway. We’re fighting for our lives here. I don’t want any information leaking out. We sho...

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