Chapter 39—St. Joseph Church, New Orleans (5)
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Jajine placed her hand on his arm, and the church grew quiet. The dust hung suspended in the air, and the crossbow bolts floated by slow enough to count the hairs on their fletching. Aaron turned to look at her and saw her attention was still on Jose. She spoke, but her lips didn’t move. “Aaron, now is the time to fulfill that destiny I warned you about. This is why I’ve led you here, boy. This night is what they’ve feared since you first changed. I can’t help you anymore. It’s up to you now.”

He glared at the enemies bearing down on him. It’s time to end this!

He performed a renovatio and rose to his full height. The pain in his arm and shoulder disappeared, his joints loosened, and his muscles crackled with renewed energy. He now underst...

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