Chapter 39—St. Joseph Church, New Orleans (4)
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Aaron’s bloodlust bubbled to the surface. His lupus wanted to be free. Sixteen hours on the road, crammed into Devil Car, had led to this. His vagor was more than a taunt; it was a challenge to whoever thought they were Alpha. It was answered by two lupis, and he partially tucked his tail in surprise when he saw one of them was Craig, hiding behind some flunky.

The flunky’s first swipe glanced off Aaron’s chin. He recognized the feint too late though, when the second swipe doubled him over and expelled the last bit of choked air from his belly.

He hated having the air knocked out of him. Fortunately, he knew how to defend himself, and rolled somewhat with the attack. Still, it was a hell of blow, probably the hardest he’d ever experien...

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