Chapter 39—St. Joseph Church, New Orleans (2)
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“Every decision I’ve made in my life has led me to this spot, right now, consorting with you, Aaron, a shunned Lupus Rex. And every decision you’ve made in your life has led you here to me, a member of Lucerna Veritatis. You’re not evil. I see that in you. Nobody evil could care as much about his fellow man as you do. God’s not yet done intertwining our destinies.

“But that doesn’t mean we have to work toward them. We can ignore them if we wish. I can walk out of this church and never look back. You can turn your car around and head another direction. To me, those would be the greater sins.”

Aaron measured what Father Thomas said. His lupus senses picked up the Father’s heartbeat. It never wavered. He was telling the truth.


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