Chapter 38—Angelina Suarez (2)
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It was a solid blow, but Eddie didn’t go down. In fact, the blow didn’t shake him at all. He slowly turned his gaze to Raul and growled around curled lips. Raul and Angelina stared into the face of horrid malevolence, and it stared back with eyes not quite human. Suddenly, Eddie rose to his full height and ripped his shirt off his chest, transforming into something terrifying, something out of a nightmare. He grew a long snout and pointed fangs, his legs and arms extended out of his pants and sleeves, and his hands sprouted long, razor-sharp talons. Raul quickly pushed Angelina behind him and then ran to Eddie’s other side. Eddie started to turn toward Angelina, so Raul struck him in the head again, grabbing his attention.

Angelina wanted to yell, “Raul . . . No!” but t...

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