Chapter 37—Confido (2)
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“When I got home a few days later, my mother asked me how it felt to be a Loup Garou? I nearly shit a brick, I tell you. I asked her how she knew, and that’s when I learned there was more to my mom than I thought I knew. She told me what she knew of Lupus sapiens, which wasn’t much, but it definitely filled in the gaps left over from what my grex members told me.”

“I guess Loup Garou means werewolf?” Aaron asked.

“Yeah, it’s the Cajun word for it.”

Angelina had woken up and was leaning over the back of the front seats. “You’ve never told me this story, Jose.”

He reached back and squeezed her arm. It was the best hug he could give her inside Devil Car. “I know. I’m...

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