Part IV—Rise of Lupus Solitarius | Chapter 36—Viam Lupus (6)
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About halfway through breakfast, Jose admitted, “Aaron, what you said last night rings true. But I don’t see how you can make it work. There are numerous Lupis solitarius around the country, hell, maybe the world, and they are all too afraid to band together. Anytime more than a dozen lupis stay in one spot too long, either the Race or the Fectors attack. Viam Lupus, at one time, had ten members. The Fectors were waiting for us at one of our renovatio locations and attacked before we had a chance to change.” He hung his head. “The rest of us just ran.” He muttered that last sentence as if he were ashamed.

“Why didn’t you fight?”

“They were using silver. I was the only one immune to it, and I was...

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