Part IV—Rise of Lupus Solitarius | Chapter 36—Viam Lupus (4)
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Embarrassed, Aaron answered back less heartily, “Oh. Yeah, probably. His name’s Elwood. He’s usually a little more nervous around strangers than that, but you’ve found his happy spot.” Angelina was rubbing the right side of his belly and Elwood was thoroughly enjoying it. His head was stretched all the way back—Aaron had removed the cone just that morning—and his right rear leg was jumping in rhythm to Angelina’s strokes. Aaron made a peace offering. “Well, Elwood trusts you. That’s good news. By the way, what does Yuma mean?”

Jose chuckled. “It means white boy, American, foreigner, whatever someone from Cuba wants it to mean. But, don’t take it too harshly. It’s like Gringo to the Mexicans.”

“Hmph,” Aaron grunted. “Well...

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