Part IV—Rise of Lupus Solitarius | Chapter 36—Viam Lupus (3)
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“Settle down, Elwood, we have to talk to them. Besides, with your bum leg, you ain’t in any shape to mix it up with them. Be brave on your own time.” Elwood sat back down, but he kept his attention on the men in parking lot.

One of them raised his hand and yelled, “That’s far enough, Yuma. What do you want?”

Aaron stopped the car and stepped out. “I’m looking for Jose Suarez.”

“There’s no Jose Suarez here, Yuma. Get back in your little car and leave.”

“Well, can you point me to his ugly sister? I heard she was something you needed to see if you ever visited Miami.” Aaron smelled the anger—and surprisingly, fear—from them soar as the tension wound itself tighter. Aaron experienced a faint, paranoid flash...

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Table of Contents

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