Part IV—Rise of Lupus Solitarius | Chapter 36—Viam Lupus (2)
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Didn’t I? Could I have just run? Would that have been preferable than killing the woman I had loved at one time? No. Doesn’t matter though. It’s over with. I have to live with that decision. And I now have to finish what I started. The silence stretched out on the phone. He finally broke it. “I also killed some Fectors. A lot of ‘em. The frenatus, or at least the rulers, are working with them. They set an ambush for me.”

He recounted the events of the junkyard and ended with his encounter with them at Craig’s.

Father Thomas was silent for a few minutes. “Well, you certainly know how to make friends,” he said. “You know you are going to have both groups chasing you now, right? You’ll never be able to go home; you’ll h...

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Table of Contents

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