Part IV—Rise of Lupus Solitarius | Chapter 36—Viam Lupus (1)
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Part IV—Rise of Lupus Solitarius

noun [lü’-pəs()sä-lə-ter’-rē-əs]

1. Lone Wolf.

Chapter 36—Viam Lupus

noun [wē’-əm()lü’-pəs]

1. Way of the Wolf

Aaron Darveau, June 13, 1983

Things moved quickly for Aaron once he placed Karen in her room. After leaving Craig a message in the basement, talking with Frank, washing himself off with a water hose, and pulling yet another fresh set of clothes out of the trunk, he found Elwood already sitting in the car with his tongue hanging out of his mouth. They were far down the road when Aaron reached over to pet him and pulled back a bloody hand. Aaron went into...

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