Chapter 35—Non Evitabilis (5)
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She leapt at him before he had a chance to finish his question. James had been fast during their wrestling matches a lifetime ago, but Karen was in a class by herself. What she lacked in training, she made up for in pure rage, agility, and cunning. A part of him was miserable it had come to this, but he would not be responsible for another senseless death when he could have prevented it. If what she said was true, they might be hunting Jajine right now. Craig might be in New Orleans right now. Deep down Aaron hoped Karen might have held some feelings in reserve for him. Her brutal attack removed all doubt. It made his decision to kill her easier to swallow.

He dodged to the right, and his wounded leg gave slightly. He barely got out of the way in time to avoid a deadly downward stri...

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