Chapter 35—Non Evitabilis (3)
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The howler attacked as he finished his prayer. It leapt from where Brother Clarence died. He didn’t expect that—the howler didn’t move after making a kill. It didn’t stalk around looking for further prey. It stayed at its last know location. This was just a puppy—a puppy with fangs that could rip a man’s head off and talons that could rip through plywood, but a puppy nonetheless. This was good information.

He passed the word to Father Phillip with his flashlight. “Bear Witness.”

Father Phillip returned a questioning gaze. Bear Witness meant they were to open their ranks and let the howler into the circle. There, they would surround it, perhaps long enough for a spear or two to find its mark. Experienced howlers never fell for the trap, but usually only experi...

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