Chapter 35—Non Evitabilis (1)
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Chapter 35—Non Evitabilis

noun [nän()e’-və-tə-bil-is]

1. Unavoidable

Aaron Darveau, June 12, 1983

Aaron pulled up to Craig’s house. He cautiously got out of the car and took the time to survey the area, letting the breezes bring any scents and sounds to him. The woods were quiet tonight. He tried to remember if they were usually that quiet and decided that perhaps they were. He wasn’t picking up any scents other than what was normal—old swamp, mud, and rank water. He did detect two other scents, and they came from the direction of the house—Karen’s and Maria’s. This was good news. Karen’s scent was relaxed, confident, and expectant; she was waiting on someon...

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