Chapter 34—Sequentia: Forma
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Chapter 34Sequentia: Forma

noun [sē-kwən’-shə:()fȯrm’-ə]

1. Continuation: Form, shape, fashion, plan, mold.

Aaron Darveau, June 12, 1983

Aaron didn’t get the information he wanted out of Bill, but he did learn something interesting. The entire ruling class didn’t know what was going on. They might control the Race, but only a few of them had influence with the Fectors. The rest were too afraid to ask too many questions it seemed. He wasn’t getting any help from them right now. It was going to take one of them getting shunned before he had an ally.

Or a new head on the snake.

Then something Stalker Three said slithered back into Aaron’s memory. &ldq...

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