Chapter 33—Bill and Glen Benson (6)
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Craig chuckled. “I understand. I truly do. It’s good to see your father instilled a work ethic in you. A man has to find his own way in the world. But I have to ask, what are you qualified to do? You’re too young to have too much experience, I think.”

Glen spoke up first. “I’m pretty good at fixing things, engines and stuff. I’m thinking I might want to find a shop somewhere around here.”

Bill murmered, and not without a bit of embarrassment, “The only thing I’ve ever been good at is being an outlaw.”

Everyone laughed good-naturedly at Bill’s comment, but Craig spoke up first. “Well, I’m sure you could find yourself a position with one of the local gangs, but I would prefer you found something more respectable. If yo...

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