Chapter 33—Bill and Glen Benson (4)
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“He’s fine!” She winked at him. “Come on in, I won’t bite.” Bill made a mental note that she didn’t say she didn’t bite.

Bill smiled and followed Karen through the front doorway into a large, arched foyer that led into a huge courtyard. He gawked as he took it all in, yet remained cautious until he saw Glen sitting at a table next to a swimming pool. He started to rush over but pulled himself up short; he glanced around, checking to see if anyone would stop him. He saw an older man and woman sitting with Glen, and they were watching Bill with big smiles on their faces.

Glen stood up and yelled, “Bill! Holy Shit! Last night was fuckin’ awesome, dude!”

Bill ran the last couple of steps and hugged his brother. “Man...

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