Chapter 33—Bill and Glen Benson (3)
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Glen glared at him with the same bloodlust he always did. Bill realized it was useless to try to reason with him. He had hoped that he might be able to get through to Glen the Werewolf . . . eventually . . . but after a year of trying, he had about given up on that tactic.

Glen and the unseen werewolves continued to communicate, first one and then the others. That went on for a few minutes until Glen renewed his thrashing about, trying to free himself. Bill didn’t think he was trying to get free to kill and eat him but because he wanted to go join the others. Bill flashed his light into woods, and a set of glowing yellowish-white eyes reflected back at him. Then another set and then another set.

Bill raised the shotgun to his shoulder and yelled, “Any mother fucker tries to h...

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