Chapter 32—Forma (1)
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Chapter 32—Forma

noun [fȯrm’-ə]

1. Form, shape, fashion, plan, mold.

Aaron Darveau, June 12, 1983

Aaron had a hard time getting to sleep once he returned to the base. He couldn’t shake the notion Karen tried to have him killed. Knowing they would call the Fectors and finding out they actually did it was two different things. He’d broken up with girlfriends before, and a few had broken up with him, but none of them tried to have him killed. Of course, none of them turned him into a werewolf before, either. Well, there was that crazy bitch, Sheila, who slashed my tires once.

Once he did fall asleep though, he slept straight through the day until nearly dark. Aaron&rs...

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