Chapter 30—Father Thomas (2)
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Brost accepted Alawitz’s report with a dour look before scanning the area around them. His gaze fell upon a two-story house across the street. It was in better shape than most of the other houses in the immediate vicinity. “Are you sure he’s in the tower?”

“Positive.” Alawitz took his helmet off and held it up with a stick, just above the stone wall. A shot rang out at the same time a bullet ricocheted off the helmet, spinning it on the stick. “That’s him, all right. We aren’t going to get any closer to the church than we are right now while the sun’s up.”

Brost pointed to the two-story house. “Sergeant, I want a man in one of those second story windows covering the north road for any enemy reinforcements. Nightfall, he’s our...

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